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Wheat Field Publications produces the industry-leading books on the subject of bariatric surgery, both for the patient and for the professionals that care for them. However, Wheat Field's competition was gunning for them with slick-looking new books that were capturing the eye of the hospitals and their literature buyers. Market share was sliding. It was time for a change, especially since their new book Caring for the Surgical Weight Loss Patient, was about to hit the market for the first time.

We developed cover and interior page design solutions carefully tailored towards not only the patients and caregivers, but also - and this is critical - to the administrators in the various programs that make the actual purchase decision. This nuance came from carefully listening to our client and the needs of their business, not simply trying to make the books "look good". To encourage package purchases, we tied the design solutions of the two books together visually. The application of classic typography and carefully crafted page layouts makes for inviting, readable pages that reinforce the message developed in the text. Later, we were asked to develop art for companion CDs on both books.


From the moment they hit the market, these books vaulted into prominence. Living a Lighter Lifestyle has returned to its place as the top-selling book for patients, having produced sales 159% of the previous year's total. Caring for the Surgical Weight-Loss Patient topped its market from the moment it hit the shelves and has remained there ever since. Nothing tastes better than a hefty slice of your competition's market share. Don't you agree?

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