Lake Elsinore Soaring Club

Creative Design & Production

The McNaughton Group




The Lake Elsinore Soaring Club was looking for a way to enhance their image. Having been a focus of the southern California soaring community for over twenty years, they had become a little complacent about marketing and relied upon their own members to develop their promotional materials. The result wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t correcting a definite slide in new business that was hurting their bottom line.

We took a look at their existing materials and strategy. We listened to the club’s leaders and learned about the club and where it wanted to go. Then we started from the ground floor with an updated identity tied to the rich colors of the sky and their airfield. A new brochure. New hand-out promotional cards for their members. A new visual strategy to bring customers and potential members to their door.


New-client demonstration rides are up over 30% compared to the year before. New memberships are also up, and the club is on its way to soaring high above the competition once again. Improve marketing and improve the bottom line. Works every time.

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