HiTek Product Finishing

Creative Design

Marc McNaughton

Production & Printing

ProGraphics, LLC


HiTek Product Finishing had recently expanded into a second location and wanted to quickly fill the new capacity they'd purchased. To highlight the new facilities and better show their capabilities and attention to detail, this twelve-page brochure made extensive use of custom on-site photography to give potential customers a 'virtual tour' of their two plants, in context with a presentation of the various finishing processes that HiTek makes available. Our unique art/technical background allowed us to clearly understand what was really important in crafting our visual message - the images and context that would truly reach potential customers in a way that would encourage further contact and interest.

Site photography was completed in a single day, with a follow-up day to obtain detail shots of particular finishing processes. By coordinating our work with their schedule and supervisory staff, we were able to develop the virtual tour concept with minimal impact to their day-to-day production.


Distributed by sales representatives and at trade shows, the brochure has been a big success for HiTek, with a number of new clients coming on-board shortly after the campaign began. Many asked for specific finishing services highlighted in this brochure, having seen details there that piqued their interest. Reaching the customer in a language they understand is vital in any promotional package, and our ability to understand our client's particular products and services, in the language of their own technical staff, is something that consistently sets us apart from other firms in our field.

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